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Thursday, March 06, 2003


Massage from a trained and skilled Massage Therapist relaxes, manipulates and rejuvenates sore muscles, putting the whole body in a state of well being. Relaxation is one of the top healing aspects of massage. Massage gives the mind and body some time to “zone-out” momentarily, then gives it a chance to regroup and focus on healing itself instead of fighting against itself.


Helps people who have a hard time sleeping at night.
Great for sports enthusiasts who like pushing their bodies to the limit, in fact, training with massage can increase those limits.
Beneficial in keeping the skin healthy.
Massage is best for people in high stress jobs, people working with computers, on phones or on their feet all day or people who lift a lot or sit or stand in unnatural positions.
Improves blood circulation.
Helps move lymph fluid to aid the immune system.
Promotes inner awareness and raises life energy.
Improves injury recovery time and range of motion.
Promotes general well being and relieves pain.
Improves vitality and stamina.
Clears and sharpens the senses.
Calms the nervous system.
Reduces tension, anxiety and fatigue.


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